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Weatherproof housing with PG-7 cable glands *5


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Whether you're raiding tombs or traversing nuclear fallout wastelands, this is the most heavy-duty enclosure for your project! Weatherproof Check. Tough polycarbonate cover Check. Built-in gasket seal Oh yeah, check.

Store your project safe and sound in this Weatherproof Enclosure. We especially like the machinable ABS plastic body, four mounting holes, and the easy-open screws that can be taken apart as many times as you wish without worrying about cracking or stripping. It's a lot like our other Weatherproof Enclosure but has mounting flanges with holes for easy attachment. It also has two PG-7 cable glands ( built in! These allow weather-tight cables to enter/leave the enclosures with gaskets that keep dust out. This size is good for cables 0.118" - 0.169" diameter.

The enclosure measures 100 x 68 x 36mm externally. You can fit an Metro, Zero, Feather, or a half-size Perma-Proto, but it won't fit the bigger 's with the USB and Ethernet jacks.

  • Mounting hole diameter: 6mm
  • Center-to-center distance: 42mm
  • PG-7 sized cable glands
  • Diagram
  • Diagram 2
s***3 07/06/2023


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