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USB Dual Temperature Sensor


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TEMPer USB Sensors are great little devices for getting data logging quickly and easily! They're compatible with most "standard" PC & Laptop operating systems including Windows and Mac, but we love them because they're super easy to set up on the !

This is the Dual Thermometer, which features two temperature sensors. One is inside the USB module, and the other is extended outside by the included water resistant node cable. The two sensors can measure temperature at a same time, and they're designed to record the temperature of the USB device and its environment simultaneously and accurately. The includes 1m Length Temperature Node Cable (3.5mm Jack)

Plug it directly into your Pi's USB port and follow our simple set up guide here to start recording data! To use on a Windows PC, simply plug the sensor in, open up a text document, hold CAPS LOCK and it will start recording data. To stop recording data, hold NUM LOCK!

Please Note. The on board thermometer of this device WILL be (and is designed to be) affected by the temperatures of the driving system if connected directly to that system's USB port. We highly recommend the use of a USB Extension cable to obtain more accurate results if you are trying to monitor the environmental temperature.


  • Temperature Range: -40 to 125℃/ -40 to 257F
  • Temperature Sensor: LM75
  • Resolution rate: 0.06℃
  • Precision: ± 2℃
  • Current Draw:< 10mA
  • Voltage: 5V
  • System: Windows NT, XP, VISTA, SO
  • Memory Requirements: 20M
  • USB Thermometer Size: 44.00mm x 18.75mm x 11.40mm
  • CAPS LOCK - On / NUM LOCK - Off
  • On board "TXT" button enables "No Software" Data Output
  • Includes 1m Length Temperature Node Cable (3.5mm Jack)


  • Simple Set Up Guide

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