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SMA to UFL / u.fl/ipx/ipex RF adapter cable *10


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This RF adapter cable is super handy for anyone doing RF work. Often times, small electronics save space by having a pick-and-placeable u.FL connector (also called uFL, IPEX, IPAX, IPX, MHF, and AM). But most antennas have SMA or RP-SMA connectors on them. This little cable will bridge the two!

This cable is RG178 and is 15cm (5.9") long not including the SMA connector. It has a panel-mount SMA connector on the end, often used for GPS and cellular connections. Most WiFi devices/routers that have a connector use RP-SMA. Check the antenna you want to connect, and the close up image above to verify if you need RP-SMA or SMA as they are not compatible!

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    m***e 05/06/2023

    Good quality!

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    Loved it

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    love it

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