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RGB driver PCB for 4x4 keyboard


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By popular request, we've upgraded our popular elastomer button kits to now have a PCB with full color support! You heard that right, no more single-color LEDs, you can now have any color you like under the fantastic rubbery button pads we sell.

These 4x4 button pad boards are fully tile-able and communicate over I2C. With 5 address pins, you've got the ability to connect up to 32 together in any arrangement you like. With our trusty seesaw I2C-to-anything chip, you don't even need to manage the driving. That's right! Both the button management and LED driving is completely handled for you all over plain I2C. With both /C++ and CircuitPython/Python library support, you can use these pads with any and all microcontroller or computer boards.

Perfect for your next cool interface, MIDI instrument, control panel...whatever could benefit from beautiful diffused colorful buttons. For fast connection to a single board, we include a JST-PH 4-pin connector that will give you power+data access. It's compatible (the cable fits, even though its not the exact same connector), or you can use a JST-PH 4 pin cable.

You can tile up to 32 boards together by soldering them edge-to-edge and soldering closed the I2C address jumpers, then use one I2C connection for all tiled boards!

Each order comes with one board with seesaw chip and 16 s already soldered in place. Elastomer button pad not included, so be sure to pick one up!

  • Dimensions: 60mm / 2.4" x 60mm / 2.4" x 4mm / 0.2"
  • This board/chip uses I2C 7-bit addresses between 0x2E to 0x4D selectable by soldering jumpers on the back of the board.

Product Dimensions: 60.0mm x 60.0mm x 7.5mm / 2.4" x 2.4" x 0.3"

Product Weight: 13.3g / 0.5oz

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