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Piezoelectric buzzer *10


  • Product Code: ADA160
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Piezo buzzers are used for making beeps, tones and alerts. This one is petite but loud! Drive it with 3-30V peak-to-peak square wave. To use, connect one pin to ground (either one) and the other pin to a square wave out from a timer or microcontroller. For the loudest tones, stay around 4 KHz, but works quite well from 2KHz to 10KHz. For extra loudness, you can connect both pins to a microcontroller and swap which pin is high or low ('differential drive') for double the volume.

Here is the datasheet


  • Diameter: 11.90mm/0.47in
  • Height: 6.53mm/0.26in
  • Weight: 0.70g/0.02oz
    G***n 07/06/2023

    I like it

    n***y 06/06/2023

    I love it

    p***8 05/06/2023

    you should definitely have this

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