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GPS Expansion


  • Product Code: MMP-0687
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  • Ex Tax: $37.50

It comes with an on-board GPS antenna as well as a built-in u.FL connector to attach your own antenna. Provides up to 1.8m accuracy, 66 search channels, 22 tracking channels, and -165 dBM sensitivity. Up to 10Hz update rate.

Technical Details

  • Accuracy: 1.8m
  • Search channels: 66
  • Tracking channels: 22
  • Sensitivity: -165 dBM
  • Update rate: 10 Hz


  • GPS Expansion Hardware Overview
  • Using the GPS Expansion
  • GPS unit Datasheet



a***1 11/08/2022

soo nice

n***8 11/08/2022

Love it

a***d 11/08/2022


s***t 10/08/2022


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