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Copper foil conductive tape - 6mm x 5m long *10


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Copper tape can be an interesting addition to your toolbox. The tape itself is made of thin pure copper so it's extremely and can take on nearly any shape. You can solder to it, and the tape itself can carry current just like a wire. On the back is an electrically conductive adhesive. The adhesive can't carry significant current, but it is very handy for sensing applications where you don't want to solder the copper tape.

We've seen such tape used for EMI shielding, working with EL, making capacitive touch pads, ultra-thin wiring needs, etc.

Comes in a roll 5 meters long, and this tape is 6mm wide and .2mm thick. The tape has conductive adhesive on one side and a protective paper backing over the adhesive. This roll is a nice compact size, compared to the larger cores used in our other copper tapes.

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nice love it

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So perfect

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