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Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.0)


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This USB-to-BLE board makes it easy to get your computer talking to your BLE enabled phone or tablet using a standard serial/UART connection.

In it's simplest form, it works on the same principle as a common USB/Serial adapter . Any data that you enter via your favorite terminal emulator on your development machine will be transferred over the air to the connected phone or tablet, and vice versa, as a basic 'UART' connection

The details:

You might be asking, Hey my macbook already has Bluetooth and I can get a USB Bluetooth adapter, so why use this Good question! You can get a Bluetooth 4.0 USB dongle from the store already, but Windows 7 doesn't support Bluetooth Low Energy natively, and on Win8 or OS X you'll have to sort through a huge pile of native Bluetooth APIs and development tools that often require an annual paid license and specific license terms to access. You can't just connect wirelessly without a huge stack of software or firmware in the way because there isn't a standard, open source, cross-platform way to talk BLE today.

Using our iOS App or Android App, you can quickly get your wireless project prototyped by using your iOS or Android phone/tablet as a controller. We have a color picker, quaternion/accelerometer/gyro/magnetometer or location (GPS), and an 8-button control game pad.

We have a huge tutorial with all the details over at the Learning System!

    Product Dimensions: 61.0mm x 18.0mm x 7.0mm / 2.4" x 0.7" x 0.3"

    Product Weight: 6.5g / 0.2oz

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