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900MHz Radio *5

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These add-ons for any board will let you integrate packetized radio (with the RFM69 radio) or radio (with the RFM9x's). These radios are good options for kilometer-range radio, and paired with one of our WiFi, cellular or Bluetooth Feathers, will let you bridge from 433/900 MHz to the Internet or your mobile device.

These radio modules come in four variants (two modulation types and two frequencies) The RFM69's are easiest to work with, and are well known and understood. The radios are exciting, longer-range and more powerful but also more expensive.

This is the RFM69 @ 900 MHz version, it can be used for 868 MHz or 915 MHz (the radios use software configured frequency) These are +20dBm FSK packet radios that have a lot of nice extras in them such as encryption and auto-retransmit. They can go at least 500 meters line of sight using simple wire antennas, probably up to 5Km with directional antennas and settings tweakings

Currently tested to work with the ESP8266, 32u4, WICED Feather, Teensy 3 Feather and M0 series, some wiring is required to configure the for the chipset you plan to use.

All radios are sold individually and can only talk to radios of the same part number. E.g. RFM69 900 MHz can only talk to RFM69 900 MHz, 433 MHz can only talk to 433, etc.

Each radio 'Wing comes with some header. Some soldering is required to attach the header. You will need to cut and solder on a small piece of wire (any solid or stranded core is fine) in order to create your antenna. Optionally you can pick up a uFL or SMA edge-mount connector and attach an external duck.

Product Dimensions: 51.0mm x 22.8mm x 3.7mm / 2.0" x 0.9" x 0.1"

Product Weight: 4.7g / 0.2oz

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    I love it perfect

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    Quality is good.. some unique stuff

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    Loved itt

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